FRONTLINE Global Defense Solutions LLC; providing expert security services, law enforcement and defensive training around the world.

FRONTLINE was originally established as a firearms and defensive training company in the United States.  However, throughout the years FRONTLINE expanded Globally and has conducted law enforcement and security related training in many countries in South America, Central America, Africa, Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Asia.

FRONTLINE is now more then just a training company.

FRONTLINE is a State of Florida-Private Investigation Agency Lic. # A 3000097. We now provide Private Investigations and Personal Protection Details in the State of Florida. FRONTLINE employees also hold a State of Florida “K” License-Firearms Instructor and a “DI” license- Security Officer Instructor.

FRONTLINE has also entered into a joint venture with The Alamo by Lotus Gunworks 2390 Vanderbilt Beach Rd. Naples, FL 34109.

FRONTLINE will be teaching, at The Alamo, the State of Florida G License for Armed Security Guards and also the Annual “G-License” Armed Security Guard firearms re-qualification.

William R. Dyer, Director of Operations & Training

Mr. William Dyer has 43 years of law enforcement experience with 38 years as a sworn law enforcement officer serving as a federal agent and local law enforcement officer.  Mr. Dyer has experience as a manager/supervisor of investigations, Director of Training of an Afghanistan Law Enforcement Training Team and Supervisory Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).  Throughout his career he has developed an expertise in tactical operations and technical investigations as well as years of providing police training, managing law enforcement training programs and managing large groups of police officers and special agents in both the United States and in foreign countries.   He is experienced in understanding the dynamics necessary for operating a law enforcement and security unit both domestically and in overseas locations. For over 10 years he performed as the liaison with US Embassies, US Military (CENTCOM), foreign law enforcement organizations and community organizations.  During this time, he conducted narco/terrorism investigations and tactical operations and established a police training program for the Afghanistan Counter Narcotic Police.   

Mr. Dyer retired Sept 30, 2011 as a Supervisory Special Agent with the DEA. Assigned to DEA International Training, Kabul, Afghanistan as the Director of Training for the Afghanistan Counter Narcotic training program. 

Mr. Dyer has a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice/Sociology from Newberry College South Carolina, a Master of Education (M.Ed.) and a Graduate Certificate in Terrorism from Drury University, Springfield MO and attended the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy (FBINA) 154 Session-1988.  

Mr. Dyer holds the following State of Florida Security Licenses:  

  • ST of Florida M License (M 3000009) Security Manager
  • ST of Florida K License (K 1900121) Firearms Instructor
  • ST of Florida DI License (DI 100299) Security Officers Instructor
  • ST of Florida C License (C 3000069) Private Investigator 
  • ST of Florida D License (D 1931567) Security Officer 
  • ST of Florida G License (G 1907593) Armed Security Officer
  • State of Florida-Private Investigation Agency A- Lic: # A 3000097

Mr. Gary Bradford Johnson, Manager of Operations & Logistics

Mr. Johnson brings a wide variety of Team management and Logistical experience to the table.

Mr. Johnson has been a gun enthusiast for most of his life.  He has been a competitive shooter for the last five years, competing in pistol and 3-gun competitions.  Mr. Johnson is a patriot and strong supporter of Americans 2nd amendment rights.  Mr. Johnsons goal is to use his knowledge, skills and passion for firearms, firearms training and personal protection in the service of others.  

Mr. Johnson has been trained by Frontline Global Defense Solutions LLC and one of the government’s top tactical instructors.  Mr. Johnson’s training includes; advanced pistol, advanced rifle, close quarters battle (CQB), personal body guard protection, in the home personal protection and out of the home personal protection.

Mr. Johnson is currently certified in tactical pistol and tactical rifle.  Mr. Johnson has a current NRA firearms instructor rating and is a NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO).   Mr. Johnson has a rating of Expert Marksman in both pistol and long rifle.

Mr. Johnson holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Economics from Lakeland University in Sheboygan WI.

Mr. Johnson holds a current State of Florida Security Officer License and State of Florida armed security License.

  • Florida Security Officer license # D1931557
  • Florida Armed Security Officers license # G1908625
  • Florida Concealed Weapons license # WX1749948
  • NRA Firearms Instructor # 23885955


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