Frontline Home Defense Strategy and Protection 

We come to your home and involve your entire family as we  discuss firearms safety, proper use of a weapon during a home invasion, safe rooms, and how to keep your loved ones safe.  

You will practice tactical movement around your home while armed with laser pistols, engaging threats, and moving your children out of harms way. 

Once the in home portion of this Protection Plan is complete, we go to the range and conduct live fire exercises with your weapons practicing the skills you learned to protect your home.

NRA Courses available:

  • Personal Protection in the Home
  • Personal Protection Outside the Home
  • Basic Pistol
  • Basic Rifle
  • Range Safety Officer

Call information, licensing:

  • ST of Florida DI License (DI 1900299) Security Officers Instructor
  • ST of Florida D License  (D 1931567) Security Officer 
  • ST of Florida G License  (G 1907593) Armed Security Officer
  • ST of Florida M License (M 3000009) Security Manager
  • ST of Florida K License (K 1900121) Firearms Instructor 
  • NRA Certified Instructor (155705332)
  • State of Florida-Private Investigation Agency License (A 3000097)